Side effects of Depo-Biovit 12 injection, my experience Biovit 12 Depot , in the following article we will show the side effects of Depo-Biovit 12 injection my experience Biovit 12 Depot on Al-Wessam website .

Side effects of Biovit 12 injection. My experience is Biovit 12 Depot

  • Depo-Biovit injections are among the vitamins available in pharmacies that do not require a prescription from a doctor, and their price is 35 Egyptian pounds.
  • Depo-Biovit injections are taken intramuscularly every 3 days, or according to the medical condition.
  • Depo-Biovit injections are used to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, which acts as an essential and important factor in stimulating the immune system.

Luciforte Vial side effects

  • Lucifort Vial is used to improve mental and cerebral activity, as it prevents hardening of the arteries, and stroke prevention.
  • Most of the users of Lucifort Vial are geriatric patients, known as Alzheimer’s diseases, as these injections restart damaged parts of the brain.
  • It is better to use Lucifort Vial under the supervision of a doctor, and its dose is one injection per day, and it is possible that mesotherapy may occur as a kind of side effect.

What are the side effects of Primalife capsules?

  • Primalife capsules are a natural product of evening primrose oil.
  • Primalife capsules are widely used by women because they are known to rebuild the skin and also protect hair from falling out.
  • Primalife capsules also help improve hormone levels in both men and women.

Pregavalex capsules side effects

  • Pregavalex capsules help diabetics to get rid of the side effects resulting from diabetes, which affect the body’s motor functions.
  • Pregavalex is considered a drug of addiction, so it must be taken into account that it is taken under medical supervision.
  • One of the most common side effects that accompanies Pregavalex is prolonged sleep, as well as a feeling of fatigue and weight in the muscles.

Cogintol side effects

  • Cogentol is a sedative for mental illness that helps reduce panic attacks and panic attacks.
  • Cogentol helps people who are being treated with antidepressants and panic attacks to move and walk.
  • Cogentol side effects include confusion, tremor, nausea, and headache.

Norgesic Tablet side effects

  • Norgesic tablets and there are also injections used as a muscle relaxant and helps relieve pain and helps with muscle relaxation.
  • If there is muscle tension, I recommend using Norgesic, as it is a strong muscle relaxant, and at the same time, its price is very low.
  • Norgesic is a powerful pain reliever because it contains paracetamol.

Buspirone Tablet side effects

  • Buspirone is an anti-anxiety drug and is used among psychological and neurological drugs as a treatment for patients with depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive attacks.
  • The price of Buspirone in Egyptian pharmacies is 27 Egyptian pounds.
  • Buspirone also helps with psychological stability and psychological calmness, and addiction hospitals use it to withdraw drugs from the body.

Side effects of Betolvex vitamin B12 injection. My experience Betolvex b12 Amp

  • Through my experience with Betoflex vitamin B12 injections, which contributed significantly to increasing the rate of vitamin B12 in the body, and in turn gave me the ability to move and perform my tasks successfully.
  • Mostly, no one suffers from the effects of Betoflex injections, but there are one or two symptoms, including headache and injection site pain.
  • Most diabetics use Betoflex as a general tonic for the body, and it also contributes to replacing vitamins lost as a result of diabetes.

B com side effects. My experience with B com Ampoules

  • Bcom injections are taken into the muscles or taken by postal drip with a solution. Bcom injections contain vitamins B3, B6 and B12.
  • Bcom injections are used in infections of the trigeminal nerve, inflammation of the eye nerves and peripheral nerves.
  • Bcom injections are used during pregnancy and lactation, as they are tested and safe.

Pregaba capsules side effects

  • Pregabalin and its active substance, Pregabalin, are among the substances that have a strong effect on the nerves.
  • Pregaba is considered a pain reliever as it works directly on the nervous system and the cognitive system.
  • In most cases, everyone complains of sleeping too much, as well as skin rashes and dry mouth, and these are all side effects of Pregapa.