Ruling on bleeding after taking the pill

Ruling on bleeding after taking pills to prevent menstruation

  • The scholars differed a lot on this, but in some jurisprudential opinions, the scholars unanimously agreed that it is menstruation and not a period, and God knows best.
  • This could be uterine bleeding as a result of any hormonal imbalance.
  • The jurisprudential opinion of some scholars is that a woman should perform ghusl and perform her prayers, and it will be acceptable, God willing, and God is Most High and Knowing.

When to take birth control pills

  • The woman must take birth control pills starting from the fortieth day when the postpartum bleeding ends.
  • The lady should consult the doctor in the appropriate way.
  • There are, of course, very many safe methods, and they are with breastfeeding as well.

When to take birth control pills after caesarean section

  • Take the pill from the second day of your period.
  • 0 With regard to a cesarean delivery, the situation is not much different, as the human body is a mechanism made by God Almighty, so with the bleeding of menstruation, contraception must be taken to give an opportunity for the comfort of the mother’s womb.
  • There are many good methods that give excellent and safe results for the mother and her infant.

Taking birth control pills out of order

  • He likes to take the pills in order according to the days shown behind each strip.
  • Also, the tablet must be taken at the same daily time, and it is supposed to be almost constant daily.
  • For easy absorption of the contraceptive drug should be taken with a sufficient amount of water.
  • If it is assumed that the tablet is forgotten, the woman must take it the next day.

When do I take iron pills?

  • First of all, an analysis of the percentage of iron in the blood must be done to ensure that there is anemia.
  • We should take iron pills after any main meal and drink enough water for absorption.
  • We must separate about two hours between iron pills and any other medication.

Take the pill at different times

  • It is better and more correct to take birth control pills on time.
  • Another medical opinion says that there is no problem with taking the pills at different times over the course of 24 hours.
  • But you should not miss the contraceptive dose because this will cause pregnancy.

Taking pills to prevent menstruation at night in Ramadan

  • A woman must take pills to prevent menstruation before the call to prayer for dawn, otherwise if she takes them after the call to prayer, her fast will be invalidated, and God knows best.
  • It is better to take the pills to prevent menstruation, approximately three hours before the time of constipation and fasting.
  • There are other methods that are safe as an alternative to using pills to prevent menstruation, especially in the month of Ramadan.

I took Primolut while I was pregnant

  • Primolut should not be taken during pregnancy, as it may deform the fetus.
  • Assuming it was taken by mistake, you should go to the nearest doctor for examination.

I took the pill for three days and stopped it

  • In the case of taking birth control pills and then stopping, this will lead to a change in hormones in the body.
  • It is known that the contraceptive pill is taken every 21 days continuously.
  • Because the contraceptive is a hormonal drug, it must be taken at a fixed daily hour.

I took Primolut pills and had mild bleeding

  • Light bleeding does not mean that it is a menstrual period, as taking Primolut prevents bleeding.
  • On the other hand, Primolut tablets are used to stop bleeding or delay the period, especially in the case that the woman is traveling for Umrah, for example.
  • This will only leak blood from the lining of the uterus, and as Primolot continues, the blood will rise.